Understanding Bridges in Cloud Phone System

Call Routing with Bridges in Your Cloud Phone System

Bridges in a cloud phone system serve as vital conduits, directing calls to various destinations such as another PBX, a carrier, an external SIP to TDM Gateway, and more. They form an integral part of the system, enabling flexible and efficient call routing.

Setting up a bridge can be a bit technical, so it’s advisable to have an IT professional handle it, or you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

Creating a Bridge: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s say you need another PBX system to receive calls from your eTollfree number. Here’s how you can add a bridge:

  1. Navigate to ‘Applications’, then select ‘Bridges‘.

  2. Click the ‘Add Plus’ button.

  3. Fill out the following fields:

    • Name: Enter a name for your bridge.
    • Bridge Action: Select an action from the dropdown menu.
    • Profile Type: This option allows you to bridge a call using a specific SIP profile, directing the call through a particular set of settings, such as codecs, security protocols, or network interfaces.
    • Loopback: This option is used to route calls back through the dial plan.
    • Gateway: This option allows you to bridge a call via a gateway, directing it to an external network or service. If you’re setting up to forward calls to a PBX system, choose ‘Gateway‘.

The ‘Destination Number‘ should be set to the PBX system intended to receive the calls. This setup requires someone with a good understanding of programming languages to ensure it’s configured correctly.

The ‘User‘ field is used to bridge a call to a specific user or extension within the cloud phone system.

Finally, select ‘Enable,’ and then click ‘Save.’

The Power of Bridges: Creating Ring Groups

Bridges are the backbone of creating ring groups. The code in the Cloud Phone System simplifies this process for you. However, you can manually do what ring groups do using bridges.

Bridges in a cloud phone system are powerful tools that enhance the flexibility and efficiency of call routing. Whether you’re directing calls to another PBX system, a carrier, or an external gateway, bridges make the process seamless. While setting up a bridge can be technical, with the right guidance or assistance, it’s a manageable task. Remember, the key to efficient call routing lies in the proper setup and utilization of bridges.

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