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How to Setup/Manage Conference Controls

Managing conference calls effectively can significantly enhance productivity and communication within your organization. With Cloud Phone System’s Conference Controls, you can easily manage and moderate your conference calls.

Navigating to Conference Controls

To get started, log in to your eTollfree Cloud Phone System dashboard. From the main menu, select “Applications,” and then click on “Conference Controls.” This will take you to the interface where you can manage and configure your conference settings. Here, you can view and modify existing controls or create new ones tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding Conference Control Profiles

The eTollfree Cloud Phone System allows you to create and manage different control profiles, each with its own set of permissions and roles. Here’s a closer look at the primary profiles you can configure:
  • Default: This is the baseline role assigned to all participants, providing basic permissions such as speaking and listening. The default control ensures that everyone has fundamental access to participate in the meeting.
  • Moderator: The moderator control is designed for the person managing the conference. Moderators have enhanced permissions, including the ability to mute or unmute participants, control the flow of the meeting, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Page: The page control allows users to send announcements or notifications during the conference. This is useful for making important announcements or directing attention without interrupting the ongoing conversation.

Exploring Additional Profiles

In addition to the default profiles, the eTollfree Cloud Phone System offers the flexibility to create custom profiles based on your specific requirements:
  • Participant: A general role for participants with limited permissions. They can listen and speak but do not have control over the conference settings.
  • Listener: Designed for participants who are restricted to listening only, ideal for webinars or informational meetings.
  • Speaker: This profile allows certain participants to speak during sessions where others may be in a listening-only mode.
  • Admin: Admin profiles provide higher-level control over conference settings, such as creating new rooms or modifying existing ones.
  • Host: Similar to the moderator, but with specific permissions tailored to managing the overall conference environment, including starting and ending sessions and managing participant roles.

Assigning Roles to Users

Once you’ve created your desired profiles, assigning roles to users in the eTollfree Cloud Phone System is straightforward:
  1. Navigate to the “Conference Controls” section and select the conference room where you want to assign roles.
  2. Add participants to the conference by their extensions or user accounts.
  3. Assign the appropriate role to each participant using the dropdown menu or selection box. For example, assign the “Moderator” role to a team leader and the “Participant” role to general team members.
  4. Save your changes to ensure the roles are applied correctly.
By following these steps, you can ensure that each participant has the correct permissions, facilitating a well-organized and efficient conference.
Setting up and managing conference controls in the eTollfree Cloud Phone System empowers you to conduct effective and organized meetings. Whether you’re dealing with a small internal team or a large external audience, assigning the right roles and permissions is key to maintaining control and ensuring a positive experience for all participants. With these tools at your disposal, you can navigate your conference calls with confidence and efficiency. Stay tuned for more tips and insights on how to make the most of your eTollfree Cloud Phone System.

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