Virtual Local Numbers offers Virtual Local Numbers that provide businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to establish a local presence in new markets. Our virtual local numbers allow you to have a local phone number in any city or region, even if your business is physically located elsewhere. This makes it easy for customers in different locations to reach you without having to pay long-distance charges.

Using a virtual local number can also help to build trust with your customers and enhance your brand image. By having a local number, customers are more likely to perceive your business as being part of their community, which can increase their confidence in your products or services.

Our virtual local numbers are easy to set up and can be managed through our user-friendly portal. You can choose from a wide range of local numbers and customize your settings to meet your specific business needs. Plus, our expert support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Contact us today to learn more about’s Virtual Local Numbers and how they can benefit your business.

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How Does Virtual Local Calling Work?

Virtual local calling (also known as DID or direct inward dialing) is a way for someone to forward their incoming calls to any area code or country, using a phone number from that region. The user can purchase a number in New York, for instance, and have incoming calls forwarded to a line virtually anywhere. A company can have their main office in Tokyo, and their New York customers can avoid international fees when calling them.

Once a user decides on a virtual local number, they simply select the way they want to forward the incoming calls. Calls can be forwarded to a cell, home landline, office landline, or VoIP number. It’s that easy to start answering calls from virtually anywhere in the world, and even make use of other VoIP call center solutions from eTollFree!

Virtual local numbers are the modern VoIP solution for many problems a company can run into. Local DID calling can unite your offices in different areas of the country or the world, and save 60% to 70% of the cost of phone calls with the help of telemarketing software.

An easy-to-use interface allows simple management of your virtual number from anywhere with internet access. You can monitor your call statistics, change your forwarding destination, and more.

Virtual Local Calling International Numbers

EtollFree is a local virtual number provider for six continents. We forward calls to mobile phones and landlines at affordable rates, and forwarding calls to SIP services and VoIP is free, as well as voicemail. Virtual local calling allows a multi-line phone setup and multi-channel numbers. Both small offices and large call centers can use virtual local calling to maximize the efficiency of their business with multichannel numbers and multiple phone lines all over the world to work from.

Set up a phone number in 90 countries and 6500 cities

Forward incoming calls to anywhere with an internet signal

Do business in the cities and countries of your choosing

Reduce your cost for international calls up to 60-70%!

Etollfree also offers these additional VoIP solutions:

  • Voicemail
  • Internet fax—you can receive your faxes over email in pdf format
  • Recording and filing your calls for recordkeeping
  • Customized interactive voice menus
  • Multichannel DID numbers – receive multiple calls at the same time with no hiccups in service.
  • Customize your recorded greetings yourself, or use our professional announcer
  • Call transfer network—for transferring calls throughout your office, or to a separate landline or mobile number
  • Personal extensions for reaching your associates quickly
  • Statistics and reports to keep your business as efficient as possible

Ordering Our Service

Our virtual local number package is an incredible value! Here’s how it breaks down:
  • Low monthly fee
  • One-time setup fee
  • Fee to forward calls to a landline or mobile number. Forwarding calls to VoIP or SIP is free!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so confident that our virtual local number services will benefit our customers that we provide a free trial to see how it works. For more information on a virtual local number free trial, contact us at (866) 273 4639.
Both companies and individuals can take advantage of virtual local numbers. Etollfree accepts credit cards(VISA, MasterCard, etc.), PayPal, bank wire transfers in multiple currencies and more.
Call forwarding is a feature we offer that will redirect incoming calls to a mobile number, landline, or VoIP number. International call forwarding can save money for independent businessmen, companies with offices in different cities and countries, customer support and call centers, real estate companies, IT companies, touring agencies, financial and government institutions, and more!
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