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VoIP termination, also known as outbound calling, is the process of routing a call from a VoIP network to a traditional phone network. This allows users to place calls to landline and mobile phone numbers. eTollFree.net offers high-quality, reliable VoIP termination services at competitive rates.

Our VoIP termination service is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to make occasional calls or have high call volume requirements, we have the capacity and flexibility to support your needs. Our network is optimized for high-quality voice transmission and fast call routing, ensuring a seamless calling experience.

We offer flexible pricing options to fit any budget, with no hidden fees or charges. Our experienced team of technicians is available around the clock to provide technical support and troubleshooting assistance. Whether you are looking to reduce your telecom costs or improve your call quality, eTollFree.net’s VoIP termination services can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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What is VoIP Termination?

VoIP termination is a term used to describe the routing of voice calls from a publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) to a VoIP network, or vice versa. Essentially, it refers to the point at which a call ends on either network. While the term can have two meanings, most commonly it is used to describe calls that originate from a VoIP network and are terminated by a service provider at the PSTN or to other VoIP networks. If you’re looking for reliable and high-quality VoIP termination services, eTollFree.net can help. Our cloud-based technology and extensive network of carrier connections ensure that your calls are routed quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime and maximum call quality. Contact us today to learn more about our VoIP termination services and start experiencing the benefits of enhanced communication.

How are VoIP rates created?

Just like other service providers, pricing or rates for VoIP termination varies based on several factors, including the provider and the location of the destination number. However, generally, there are individual and wholesale rates for A-Z termination. Also with wholesale rates, the more minutes per month you purchase the greater your discount will be. 

VoIP Termination Providers

VoIP Termination Providers are companies or individuals that allow you to send calls to them via a data connection or the internet. However, they will complete these calls to the person who is connected to them either through direct connections, PSTN or also through VoIP.

Here is a list of six major VoIP Termination providers:

What is the PSTN?

PSTN is an acronym for Public Switched Telephone Network, which is a traditional or analog telephone operating feature in which calls are routed through a series of public circuit switches to route voices over GSM or CDMA telephone lines. Therefore this is unlike a VoIP in which all calls are routed through packet switches to route voices over the Internet.


Example VoIP Termination Provider Setup

Let’s say you live in Dallas; you have asterisk PBX system, an internet connection, and four local phone lines (PSTN) in your office. However, your four local phone lines have the ability to call anywhere in Dallas free of charge. However, If you were to install four analog ports onto your asterisk PBX, you could then connect your four local lines directly into your asterisk system.  Further, it also connects your asterisk system to the internet, you would then have the ability to terminate four simultaneous calls into the Dallas Local Area. Therefore You would then be a termination provider for the Dallas area. You can change the rate of $.005 cents per minute, saving others money while making a few bucks yourself.

However legally,  you would have to check the rules in your local community about using your local lines in this manner, but this is nothing new for local companies to date.

US & Canada VoIP Rates
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The rates listed here are our VoIP calling rates for destinations within the United States and Canada.

However, our voice-over IP calling rates apply to any calls made from our cloud services. Moreover, it connected IP devices and wholesale termination connections. Therefore, VoIP call centers or calls are forwarded from our toll-free or local numbers.

Further, lower rates can be obtained by contacting our Sales Department and requesting a wholesale rate quote.

International VoIP Rates
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The rates listed here are our VoIP calling rates for various destinations worldwide.

Our voice-over IP calling rates to apply to any calls made from our cloud services, and connected IP devices. Moreover, wholesale termination connections or calls are forwarded from our toll-free or local numbers.

Therefore lower rates can be obtained by contacting our Sales Department and requesting a wholesale rate quote.

VoIP Rates

US VoIP Rates

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Canada VoIP Rates

Rates coming soon!

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