What are the 877 toll free numbers?

The 877 numbers are toll free with a separate area code with that of the 800 numbers. Some confusion may arise where you have some firms opting to select a similar vanity number that has got varying prefixes like the 800, 888, 877 and 866. One may easily assume that they are making calls to a an Attorney within the city but if you make a mistake with the digit then you land on a different person all together. Similar to the 800 toll free numbers the 877 numbers are free for the caller. They also have quite a number of advantages for the end user. The toll free numbers have been in existence since the early years of the 60’s though the purpose was a bit different then. The initial objective of the toll free numbers was to reduce on the operators costs. The process further offered the clients other options apart from collect calling.

Why go for an 877 number?

With the growth of the international market, the need to acquire additional area codes became rather urgent. The vanity letters that appeared longer were also on demand. The newer to free numbers such as the 866 and the 877 became very highly sought due to the fact that they had vanity selections that were longer. Most the digits that have the area codes can be interchanged with the alphabetic letters. The 877 toll free numbers tend to be very appealing to the marketers as they have greater options. There are much easier to call and have branding advantages.

Can one retain the 877 toll free number even after moving?

It is a common phenomenon for many businesses to relocate. This is caused by a myriad of factors and thus it essential to be knowledgeable of the costs that relocation would involve. The toll free 877 number remains with you even if you change your current location. The same is the case for the other toll free numbers which is a great advantage because one does not have to go through all the costs of changing their number. There is also a lot of loss of business when changing a business number since some of the clients will have the records of your old number and may not have any idea of how to locate you. The 877 toll free numbers have become very popular.

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