800 Number Provider

What does an 800 Number Provider do?

The FCC calls some Toll Free Number providers “Responsible Organizations,” (RespOrgs). RespOrgs and other Toll Free Number providers have access to a pool of numbers, a database, from which they can select and reserve a Toll Free Number for a Toll Free Number purchaser. There are many Toll Free Number providers, and to see a complete list, the FCC has a…888 number. As with any technical field, there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to marshal Toll Free Numbers for sale to customers. The FCC establishes the conditions, rules, and closely regulates the Toll Free Number sales business. RespOrgs and other Toll Free Number providers can find available Vanity Toll Free Numbers, as well.

How can I find an 800 Number Provider?

The Toll Free Number or links provided on the FCC website for Toll Free Numbers can take you to a list of all of the hundreds of RespOrgs and other Toll Free Number providers in the United States. A simple Search Engine Search on the Internet will identify, or “hit” on a number of providers too. At heart, Toll Free Providers are the same, providing access to the pool of Toll Free Numbers from which customers may choose one that suits their business or personal use. Beyond the basics, however, Toll Free Providers may provide any number of additional services, options, and discounts to entice customers to their virtual door. A savvy customer in search of a Toll Free Number will identify what characteristics of the Toll Free Number will best serve the business and then seek a provider that matches that profile.

Is there a limit to the numbers I can access through an 800 Number Provider?

Think of a Toll Free Number as a remote call forwarding device. In effect, the Toll Free Number reaches out and grabs customers and funnels them to your business phone. Your phone continues to have its own business number, but it does double duty as a sales tool as well. All this without equipment other than what you already have with your business phone. So if the question is whether it’s worthwhile having a bunch of Toll Free Number phones around the business, then it’s really not a question. See what I mean? Your Toll Free Number does not have (or need to have) a dedicated piece of equipment for it to work. So what are the limits to the number of Toll Free Numbers you might have for your business? There is none. Have one Toll Free Number for sales and marketing, another for customer service, and yet another for technical support to clients. The more precise the association of the number with the service your business provides, the easier it will be to monitor the customer traffic to and around your business.

When is an 800 Number Provider a “warehouse?”

Good question. “Warehousing” or “Hoarding” is when a Toll Free Number provider reserves a Toll Free Number from the pool of available Toll Free Numbers without having a customer immediately to take that number. Hoarding differs a little from warehousing in that hoarders may be subscribers (buyers) of the Toll Free Numbers. Many times the buyer takes more Toll Free Numbers than needed with the intent to sell those numbers to other buyers for a fee, that’s hoarding. The FCC doesn’t like warehousing or hoarding and will penalize those engaged in these activities.

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