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Developments in the allocation of 1-800 numbers free

When it comes to the allocation of the 1-800 numbers free, one is clearly sure that the telecommunication field is not well penetrated and is still monotonous in a great way. As it is in the event of the domain names, this should as well be unified. There should be strategies that really enable you to request, register as well as reserve and purchase the toll free numbers. It really depends on ones luck in getting the number that they really want. Activities such as hoarding, sale of toll free numbers, warehousing and more of these kinds of activities are all prohibited but the big deal is that none of these has been enforced and is not consistent. But in response to this call, the North American Numbering Council which is a federal advisor to the FCC had a meeting and the agenda was to discuss on whether to carry on with their marketing mechanism of new strategies that would be employed in the assignment of the toll free numbers.

Some of the factors that were in the agenda towards making the acquisition of the toll free numbers

One of these things is to make the toll free numbers great in equity value in place where they can bring out the aspect of the company’s brand as well as a name that is easily remembered. The sad thing is that this is rarely available and the numbers are only a sequence of random numbers. These numbers are also awarded to the client randomly and the 1-800 numbers free is only granted only if it is available from the lot that the provider is offering. The current rules do not as well allow a user to sell their numbers to other clients who might be willing to do so. Another problem that this organization is looking forward to rectify is the matter on the registry. As it is with the domain names where one is able to identify the holder of a certain domain name, one is not in a position to do so with the toll free numbers.

Recommendations for a better toll free numbers society

With the many problems that are being associated with the free toll numbers, the main aim now is to make this whole endeavor friendly as well as transparent. The first thing that should be set up as fast as possible is a data base that would make sure that every end user of a certain number is accessed easily from a central point. To make the 1-800 numbers free and fairly distributed, there should also be the freedom of sale as well as exchange of user. With such kinds of factors being put in place and the set laws being enforced, the toll free numbers environment would be greatly friendly as well as favorable for anyone who might be willing to join the industry.

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