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Resporg Information


What is a Resporg?

  • “Responsible Organisations” are in abbreviated form called Resporg. This organization is the body which has the access to the SMS 800 database. There are at least 300 resporgs in this USA. These companies can be called the “registrars” in the domain name terminology. Many phone companies are also Resporgs but all Resporgs are not telecom companies. A section of this website is totally related to Resporg information.

What is the information needed to Port an 800 number?

  • If a number was being ported by you from AT&T to another company, would the company you are sending it to require AT&T’s name and address etc? When ever you are porting a number from one company to the other, there are several questions which will come up. Keep in mind that the only information the new company will genuinely require is YOUR name and address and contact information, along with the previous carrier name and their Resporg ID ( or ID QZA01). Usually it is very easy for one resporg to look up and get contact information from the current resorg. Additional the fax number of the resporg could be included. Most of the Resorg forms are confusing as the companies make it look very complicated. It will look like these forms require a lot of information which in turn will take up your precious time and patience. Actually all this is unnecessary. As a general rule, ask the representative who’s questioning you ‘What would you do if you were transferring a number from AT&T? If it was AT&T, will they still need an address? Would it make a difference if they put the address of the local billing office or the main HQ? This will make it clear that actually the previous company’s address is not essential or helpful in any way. The name and address of the customer is the only pivotal information needed, along with an authorization to take the number. The releasing company does not have to authorize it or give any information about them except the name (and ID if known). All other information asked for is an unnecessary.

Possible Hoarding of Toll Free Numbers

  • What’s hoarding and brokering of free numbers? The FCC has certain regulations against hoarding and brokering of free numbers. Hoarding can be defined as taking up many more numbers than the Available pool of your legitimate business needs. While taking numbers from the Available pool for the purpose of reselling is known as Brokering. The actual danger for any sort of abuse of the toll free number is from the providing companies and not the subscribing users. The invisibility of free numbers and their lack of physical presence do not allow lots of people to see how many numbers each phone company is having. This is what leads to wrong usage of the provided database. The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) which controls the resporgs has not been too forceful in stopping this kind of abuse. Along with this the fact that no one can actually see or come to know about the actual number of toll free a company has, this allow some companies to take advantage and gain from this situation. The condition is too complicated and we can do nothing about it. As a resporg can only make toll free numbers more visible, and expose a few potential abuses of the system to make people more aware. One needs to understand the situation not for criticism but to be responsive to the increasing danger of the misuse. All resporgs know that 855 numbers are soon to go into use and this will just increase the possibility of misuse. Statistics of the volume of numbers activated and controlled by a few companies will help you understand the situation better. Lately a company has taken more than 400,000 toll free numbers at a single point of time, but this does not prove that they are hoarding or brokering numbers. The figures do lead to certain amount of suspicion. Having a look at the total numbers activated by will surely enlighten us, to the scarcity of toll free numbers. In the past few years the volume of numbers available has come down by 3 million, on the other hand CallSource alone has increased its toll free numbers by 1 million (previously half a million and now to one and a half million). This is certainly unbelievable but true. See chart of growth of numbers held by

How is Shared Use responsible for Hoarding?

  • Shared Use by a resporg for toll free service is a great and helpful way to yoking the profits of premium vanity numbers without incurring large expense. Shared Use is good for business but we can largely say that it always leads to possible hoarding. This happens especially if they are both the Phone Company (resporg) as well as the Shared Use company. Usually the companies are set up by two different names but are controlled by the same people. Shared use is totally legal with toll free numbers but this surely does not mean that any company could grab as many numbers as they possible. Under the name of shared use, many are just misusing the facilities given to make maximum profit. The rules about hoarding are there for the companies to follow and not totally overlook. A resporg is expected to get a number out of the allotted spare pool only when there is a request of end users. But this is not followed as a matter of fact companies are obtaining a number before there is actually an end user request and this is done under the excuse of shared use. One good example of such number hoarding is the Greg Fernandez‘s company, The Telco. This company with practically no customers and no noticeable marketing has acquired hundreds of numbers from many other phone companies, acting as both the phone company and the customer. The FCC regulations against hoarding are expected to prevent such misuse or overuse. UPDATE: There are many more recent examples with statistics and details Potential hoarding of Toll Free Numbers by a resporg (who also does shared use).

Why is it Import to protect your Toll Free Numbers?

  • The recent issues of ownership and lost numbers has let to increasing concern regarding the protection of 800 numbers. Everyone wants their number to be unique and easily memorable. After publishing or advertising your number, it becomes very difficult to change it in case of any problem. This will actually be a costly experience from the business point of view. It is for this reason why customers need to safeguard their toll free numbers. It is here that customers need special services so that which ever resporg they use for service should not claim their number because of technical reasons or even a fine print of their contract after they sign up. No one what’s to be in a situation where the number you have been using and advertising for promotion for many years is gone. Unexpectedly if it is taken away from you and your business is totally at the mercy of a phone company which is also claiming ownership of the same toll free number.

Why use a separate Resporg?

  • Responsible Organization or “Resporg” are companies who have a right to use the Service Management System (SMS), in other words they have an access to the database that controls the routing of toll free numbers. All 800 numbers are allotted by them to the subscribers. These resporgs were formed around 2 decades ago under the FCC. Every single ten-digit toll free number is managed by a Resporg. All resporgs needn’t be telecom companies but they could be a long distance company, reseller, end user or an independent that offers on outsourced service. There are around 300 resporgs in North America alone. Apart from allotting toll free numbers different resporgs provide several facilities to their subscribers. As resporgs have access to the database of toll free numbers and can protect you. The solution for many of your problems (other than becoming your own resporg) will be an independent third part resporg, rather than easily allowing the phone company providing the number to be the resporg. Your subscribed resporg or your providing company is gaining financially from you. It surely wants to keep its clientage intact; loosing a client means monetary loss. So relying on them to change your number would be useless, they just want let you go. Good ‘Responsible Organizations” like ours will help you as a third part to overcome your problems and protect your 800 number. Relying on the company for your ability to transfer the number is like relying on a child to safeguard the cookies that they want to eat. It is actually a useless situation. Read more about a couple 3rd party resporg services to protect your 800 number

What’s the use a Toll Free Search Engine?

  • Adding a facility like this enables you to check number and providing companies before subscribing. This search helps you see who is the resporg for a given toll free number. The Toll Free Search Engine results give the resorg ID in html code. Several reveal codes are to be used by you to see the source code. On the search you will see AT&T Resorgs, for Sprint Resorgs and many such details. According to the SMS/800, the resorgs are not allowed to give the resprog information to the general public or users. This is applies only to the first two digits of the resprog ID, reaching out to these digits will not be possible for the general public, as some real advance knowledge of the program is required. This way the regulations of the SMS are not violated and only a few selected people will get access to the resprog ID’s and not the ordinary population. See our Resporg ID for Resporg names and websites

Why Get Rid of the Customer?

  • We want our customers to be satisfied, be it with the services we provide or the services he desires, our aim is his total satisfaction. To achieve comfort of our customer we are willing to let him free. We actually help him get rid of our company. We efficiently go about getting rid of customers as this is really our job. We want to get rid of as many customers as possible. Generally all companies want to cling on to their customers. No phone company will let its customer go easily for loosing a customer mean’s financial loss. If they are properly attending to your needs its fine, but if the company starts adding excessive fee to release their new 800 numbers, you will be at loss. Some other resporgs try to holds on to their customers like hostages by their 800 number, like it is in the case of shared use companies. Many will not refuse a release to the customer but will go about the process so slowly that it can really get on to your nerves. We are the only uniquely different company aiming to build a business out of loosing customers or trying to get rid of customers. Anyone who is having trouble transferring their 800 numbers can come and we will set him free. 300 more words for anyone having trouble transferring their 800 number.

Many questions filling our resporg change forms

  • This has been posted with an intention of helping you with some of the popularly asked by people while filling Resporg forms. Change of port surely means a lot of form filling. The forms of some companies are usually asking for several details. The most commonly asked question is who the present, previous or old resprog /carrier? We are your old carrier and our name official name is and our Resporg ID is QZA01. The fax number too could be included in the form if there is space. As the form progresses, you will have to answer many questions. There are more about filling out the resporg change forms.

Warning against the Ameritech Resporg line

  • From personal experience when using the Ameritech line, there were many numbers which did not go through. Not long ago I was the biggest user of Ameritech hotline 800-337-4194 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-337-4194 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. During this period a girl was appointed whose job was to call spreadsheets full of 800 numbers and then let the Ameritech line know about all the numbers that did not go through. So we surely ask our customers to think twice before subscribing Ameritech. The companies’ image is good but it heavily lacks quality.

2 ways of transferring 800 numbers to call center

  • Many customers need to transfer their toll free numbers to call centers. Explaining the methods of transfer will make it easy for the customer to understand this transfer. There are two ways for going about this transfer; you can either point the toll free number at the call center or you can transfer the number to the call center’s carrier and account. More on transferring your 800# to your Call Center

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