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Government Changes to Prevent Robocalls



Deciphering the Pallone-Thune TRACED Act

Illegal robocall traffic has become a concern of not only the recipients receiving these calls, but the call center industry as well. There has been enough concern that it has come before congress. The result of this has been a release of a bipartisan robocall bill. All indications are that the bill is going to pass congress quickly most because of the combined efforts of the house and the Senate.

Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED)

This bill passed in May of 2019 with a popular vote of 97 to 1.

The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act

This act was created by the House also with a popular vote of 429 to 3.

The Compromise

Taking both of these bills and working them into a compromise resulted in the introduction of the Pallone-Thune TRACED Act. This act is enforcing the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN by voice service providers.

Deciphering The Bill

As with any bills that are passed by congress, they can be complicated and confusing. Medium and Arbeit Software partnered up to decipher the context of this bill. Arbeit is a highly recognized software provider for different business entities such as debt collection agencies as well as small businesses and call centers.

The points of interest for Medium and Arbeit are comprised of what is the meat of the new legislation. Also, what kind of impact is it going to have. How is this going to affect call delivery and collection agencies?

The Confusion

The confusion that is already coming to light is the concept that it is going to stop robocalls. That it allows for the discerning of robocalls and those that aren’t. Looking at the bill closer reveals that it does not relate to the stopping of robocalls.

The Perception of Robocalls

It is essential to understand that the robocalls themselves are not the issue. It is those that are using robocalls to commit fraud that is shining a negative light on these types of calls.

The Framework of the Bill

The crux of this new bill is on call authentication to identify the users of the voice channel, then implementing an identifier that would be able to determine who is committing fraud with this tool. It also gives those in charge of regulating this industry more tools to help find and penalize the fraudsters.

The Concerns of Medium and Arbeit

These business entities reiterate that call centers and collection agencies become informed as to how the call blocking and analytics will be perceiving calls. An authenticated call can still end up being flagged as a bad call and will be blocked.

Proper Steps to Take

The leaders in this industry fully recognize the need to balance analytics with STIR/SHAKEN so that they can work in harmony, with the deployment of STIR/SHAKEN.

It is vital that those within this industry, as well as the call center industry, voice their opinions. These should be made known to the FCC as rules are being implemented for the TRACED act. Speaking out will help to influence the outcome.

For those who want to become involved in the best practices, they are invited to get in touch with Numerical. They can provide the assistance needed to prevent call blocking and call labeling. They can also educate those with an interest in keeping their call delivery successful.

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