What's in a CDR?

Call Detail Records (CDRs) are essentially the diary of your phone system, meticulously recording all the details about the calls made. They provide detailed information about each call, including the source (where the call came from), the destination (where the call was directed), the duration of the call, and other useful details. These records can be used to filter and find specific call information, making it easier to manage and analyze call data.

In the Cloud Phone System, you can use various filters to find specific call records and export them to your local device for archiving or analysis. The fields on top of the page that show Direction, Status, and Extension are part of the detailed information provided for each call.

Here’s a brief explanation of each:

  • Direction: This indicates the direction of the call. It can be either inbound or outbound. An inbound call shows calls that came in, and an outbound call shows the calls made from the system or agents.
  • Status: The Status field provides information about the status of the call. This could include details about the entire call, whether it was answered, missed, or ended normally. For example, “Normal Clearing” is a common status indicating that the call ended normally.
  • Extension: The Extension field indicates the specific extension number that was involved in the call. For inbound calls routed to a ring group, the extension number that answered the call is usually shown as the destination.

The ‘Statistics‘ button provides a statistical overview of the call data, which can include things like the total number of calls, average call duration, and other useful metrics. This feature is particularly helpful for getting a quick snapshot of call activity and patterns over a certain period. It can be a powerful tool for understanding call behavior and trends, and for making informed decisions about call management and resource allocation.

The ‘Export‘ button allows you to download the information currently displayed.

So, that’s a brief rundown of how to navigate Call Detail Records in the Cloud Phone System. Keep an eye out for more guides to help you maximize the benefits of your Cloud Phone System.

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