Setting Up Your eTollfree Cloud Phone System: A Guide to Managing Call Flow

Welcome to our tutorial on setting up the Call Flow feature on the eTollfree Cloud Phone System. A Call Flow, akin to a traffic director managing a busy intersection, gives you control over how calls are handled. It’s a versatile and powerful tool often used to switch between two different modes, typically known as “Day Mode” and “Night Mode”. This feature simplifies your communications management significantly.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Creating a Call Flow

Let’s jump right into setting up your Call Flow.

First, navigate to your PBX Dashboard, select “Applications“, and then click on “Call Flow“.

To create a new Call Flow, click the “Add” button at the top. 

This will bring up the ‘Add Call Flow‘ form. Let’s walk through the fields one by one:

  • Name: This is the name of what you want to call your call flow
  • Extension: This is a new number you create to identify the call flow.
  • Feature Code: This is a *code you create, such as *30. It’s used to activate the call flow.
  • Status: This field displays the current mode of the call flow.
  • PIN Number: This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Destination Label: This label identifies the normal destination of the call flow, such as “Day Mode”.
  • Sound: This sound indicates audibly which mode is activated.
  • Destination: This is where the call will go under normal circumstances.
  • Alternate Label: Like the Destination Label, this identifies the alternate destination of the call flow.
  • Alternate Sound: This sound plays when the alternate mode is engaged.
  • Alternate Destination: This is where the call will go when the alternate mode is activated.
  • Enabled: This field indicates whether the call flow is currently active.
  • Description: This label describes the purpose of the call flow for administrative purposes.

After you’ve set your destinations, click the ‘Save‘ button at the bottom.


Congratulations, your new Call Flow is now listed on your eTollfree Cloud Phone dashboard.

Streamlining Communication with Call Flow

The Call Flow feature on the eTollfree Cloud Phone System offers a flexible and powerful way to manage your communications efficiently. Whether you’re directing calls based on the time of day or routing them to different departments, this feature gives you complete control over your phone system. The result is more efficient communication, improved call management, and a better overall experience for your callers.

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