Advanced Customization for Your Call Center with Cloud Phone System

The Cloud Phone System offers more than just the basic setup for your Call Center. It also provides advanced settings that allow for further customization and optimization of your operations. Let’s delve into these settings to understand how they can enhance your call center’s efficiency and customer experience.

Setting Up Your Call Center Queue

Queue Name

Enter the name you want to call your queue.


This field is used to select a pre-recorded audio file that will be played to the caller when they enter the queue.


This field in the Call Center Queue settings determines the method used to distribute incoming calls to the available agents in the queue. This will be discussed in detail in the next video.


This is where you define and manage the agents who will be handling the calls in the queue.

Music on Hold

This is used to select the audio that will be played to callers when they are placed on hold in the queue.


Field in the Call Center Queue settings is likely used to enable or disable call recording for the queue.

Time Base Score

Determine how a caller’s wait time is calculated and used to adjust their position in the queue.

Time Base Score Seconds

Used in conjunction with the “Time Base Score” field. If you populate this field with a number, then the time base score will be set in the dialplan when entering the call center.

Max Wait Time

Used to define the maximum amount of time a caller can spend waiting in a queue. This setting is typically customizable and can be adjusted based on the needs of your business.

Max Wait Time with No Agent Time Reached

Refers to a specific condition that is triggered when a caller has been waiting in the queue for a certain amount of time without being connected to an agent.

Timeout Action

Set the action to perform when the max wait time is reached.

By harnessing these advanced settings, you can tailor your Call Center to meet your specific needs, ensure efficient call handling, and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Make sure to check out Part 2 of this series on Call Center Settings for more information.

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