Navigating Call Detail Records in the Cloud Phone System

In the Cloud Phone System, Call Detail Records (CDR), there are several columns that provide important information about each phone call. Let’s break down what each of these mean:

EXT or Extension

This is the internal phone number or extension that was involved in the call.

Caller Name

The Caller Name is the displayed name of the person or company making the call – just like when a name appears on your phone screen for an incoming call.

Caller Number

The Caller Number is the actual phone number of the person or company making the call.

Caller Destination

The Caller Destination is the phone number that was dialed, typically a direct line or specific department within a company.


The Destination is where the call ended up. If a call was routed to a group of phones, this would be the specific phone that answered the call.


If the call was recorded (like when you hear “this call may be recorded for quality purposes”), a link to the recording file would be found in the Recording column.

Date and Time

The Date and Time columns show when the call came in or was made

TTA (Time to Answer)

This tells us how long it took for someone to answer the call after it came in.

PDD (Post Dial Delay)

This tells us how long it took from the time the last number was dialed until the caller heard a ring or other sound.

Deep Dive into Post Dial Delay (PDD)

Post Dial Delay, or PDD, is the time gap between the moment you finish dialing a number and when you start hearing the ringtone or any other sound indicating the call is connecting. Technically, PDD is the time from when you send the INVITE (in the case of SIP calls) to when you receive the first ringing response.

However, PDD doesn’t account for the time it takes for the person on the other end to hear the incoming call. This can be influenced by various factors, like how their inbound calls are set up. For instance, if they have call forwarding enabled, it might take longer for them to realize someone’s calling.

MOS (Mean Opinion Score)

This is a score that rates the quality of the call’s sound.

PDD (Post Dial Delay)

This tells us how long it took from the time the last number was dialed until the caller heard a ring or other sound.


The Duration tells us how long the call lasted.


The Status lets us know what happened with the call – whether it was answered, missed, or ended in some other way.

Hangup Cause

The Hangup Cause tells us why the call ended.

By understanding these fields, you can gain valuable insights into your phone calls, including who called whom, how long they talked, and the quality of the call.

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